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Allied Floor Systems LLC

Epoxy Floor Coating in Denver, Colorado

At Allied Floor Systems LLC we specialize in the application of epoxy coating on cement floors. The work we do is of the highest quality and we guarantee that it will not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the floor but also increase the value of your property.

The floor will be left with a beautiful finish and can incorporate decorative flakes that mimic different textures and materials such as terrazzo, granite, and quartz. The surface is highly resistant to scratches and stains, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It has the added benefit of being slip resistant, providing an additional level of safety.

Our epoxy floor coating process starts with us removing any existing floor finish using diamond grinders with varying degrees of grit. This serves to pen up the pores within the concrete, allowing chemicals to adhere more strongly to the cement. We use an industrial vacuum to keep dust out of the air, during and after the grinding process.

Any existing hairline cracks on the floor will be filled with an epoxy filler to ensure the final product is smooth and blemish free. We then apply primer and a base coat.

We guarantee all clients that we do will be high quality and long-lasting. Among the types of jobs we carry out regularly are decorative garage floor coating, concrete staining, concrete waterproofing, and concrete floor overlays.

Our technicians always finish a job by distributing the decorative chips which react and bond with the epoxy, creating the desired texture and look. Finally, we apply a clear coat to the newly epoxied floor to seal the decorative chips and provide added protection.

So if you live in or near Denver, Colorado, and want the best garage floor epoxy company in town then make sure you call Allied Floor Systems LLC. We are available on (720) 400-8514 and look forward to your call.


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